Who should join TIR


YES, if you:

  •  Want to stop child abuse of any kind
  •  Specifically want to stop child sexual abuse
  •  Want to stop manipulation in the federal/state child care systems
  •  Want to stop child trafficking
  •  Want to stop human trafficking (trafficked children become trafficked adults)
  •  Want to stop the proliferation of child pornography
  •  Want stiffer penalties for sex crimes
  •  Want even stiffer penalties for sex crimes against children
  •  Want to stop placement of children in the custody of molesters
  •  Want to stop the arbitrary alienation of parental rights
  •  Want to protect the children in your world
  •  Want to help protect children around the world
  •  Want to reduce the number of children and adults addicted to drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors
  •  Want to reduce the number of sex offenders and, specifically, child sex offenders
  •  Want children and adults to have a plan of protection against sexual crimes
  •  Want an effective system for supervision and management of individuals on the sex offender registry
  •  Were a victim and want to heal
  •  Were a victim and want to help others
  •  Were not a victim, but want to learn how to effectively help and support one
  •  Want to help children abandoned or abused by the “system”