What The Innocence Revolution Promotes

The Innocence Revolution promotes the following:

1.It is the responsibility of adults to protect children.

2.It is the responsibility of adults to understand the behavior of predators, be vigilant about observing activity with children, and intervene at the first sign of risk.

3.Because 93% of predators are known to a child, it must be the responsibility of all adults to protect all children. This cannot be entrusted to family alone.

4.It is the responsibility of parents to educate children about their bodies, healthy sexuality, personal boundaries, and how to respond if someone crosses a boundary. Education is a supplement to, but does not replace, parental responsibility.

5.It is the responsibility of adults to ASSUME a child is telling the truth when they disclose about an inappropriate or abusive situation, and then turn the matter over to law enforcement for a proper, objective investigation.

6.It is the responsibility of adults to know that predators are skilled liars and manipulators, deceiving both the child and parents. They may be the happy, loveable people we invite into our homes.

7.It is the responsibility of adults to recognize that few children can protect themselves from manipulation or control by a brother, sister, parent, relative, clergy or authority figure.